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Schedule staff, jobs, and resources quickly and easily with our drag-and-drop scheduling software built in, on, and for NetSuite.

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NextSchedule Job Scheduling Software Application

What is NextSchedule?

NextSchedule is scheduling software for NetSuite, ideal for service organisations using NetSuite that need to schedule work orders, jobs or tasks.

Being built on NetSuite, NextSchedule works seamlessly with NetSuite Tasks and Case Management, giving you a clear picture of your business at all times.

NextSchedule provides users with a drag and drop scheduling interface that includes a real-time display of your resources. The board is also enhanced with configurable filters for people, scheduled work orders and unassigned tasks.

Need a fully featured Field Service Management solution for Technicians and Sub-Contractors?

Scheduling and Dispatch Software

NextSchedule is for....

NextSchedule is ideal for service teams and depot service departments.

Internal Facilities

Internal Facilities
Schedule maintenance

Transport & Logistics

Transport & Logistics
Maintain vehicles & equipment

Local Government

Local Government
Depot repair & maintenance


Maintain machinery


Schedule delivery of goods


Machinery repair & maintenance

Professional Services

Professional Services
Manage cases & schedule time


Book facilities & events


Plan equipment maintenance

Field Service

Field Service
Manage teams & assets

What can NextSchedule do?

Designed for Service Managers and Customer Support staff who require visual scheduling for service requests, and mapping of assets and service locations, NextSchedule makes it easy to see when and where everything is.

NextSchedule is an ideal solution for field service organizations that don’t need to track inventory, or for service operations that need to schedule depot services, work orders or multiple resources.

When enhanced with optional Essentials Mobile licences, users can also complete forms, tasks, record time, submit expenses and capture signatures from the field using NextSchedule.

Efficient Scheduling for NetSuite

Improve customer engagement and business efficiency with visual job scheduling software for NetSuite.

Efficient decision making

Efficient decision making

Set clear expectations

Set clear expectations

Be prepared for the unexpected

Be prepared for the unexpected

Streamline communication

Streamline communication

Reduce conflicts and inefficiencies

Reduce conflicts & inefficiencies

Increase customer engagement

Increase customer engagement

Improve work quality

Improve work quality

Control costs

Control costs

Drag and drop scheduling software for NetSuite

Get your service operations running smoothly with NextSchedule’s powerful scheduling capabilities.

View data in real timeView data in real-time

Get full, accurate visibility within NetSuiteGet full, accurate visibility within NetSuite

Drag and drop scheduling boardDrag-and-drop scheduling board

Create crews with multiple team membersCreate crews with multiple team members

Filter people and tasksFilter people and tasks

Hide and show relevant information to facilitate decision-makingHide and show relevant information to facilitate decision making

See staff skills and profile picturesSee staff skills and profile pictures

Associate costs and revenue with jobsAssociate costs and revenue with jobs

Add notes, files, details and communications to a jobAdd notes, details, files, and communications to a job

Collect everything about a task in one placeCollect everything about a task in one place

Built in, on and for NetSuiteBuilt in, on, and for NetSuite

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Is NextSchedule suitable for our organization?

If your company uses (or plans to use) the NetSuite ERP suite and has a need to schedule work orders, jobs or tasks, then NextSchedule is probably right for you!  NextSchedule includes all the features and functions that organizations need for tracking and scheduling resources, and it is incredibly flexible.  This allows us to configure NextSchedule to accommodate almost any industry – from hospitality to manufacturing, wholesale to transport, and professional services to logistics.

Do we need to be already using NetSuite to use NextSchedule?

NextSchedule is a software program built entirely on and within the NetSuite platform. This means that you need to be using NetSuite in order to deploy NextSchedule in your business. If you don’t already have NetSuite for your organization, please get in touch with us and we’ll recommend a suitable NetSuite partner with experience in your industry to discuss your ERP needs with.

How do you ensure that NetSuite updates don’t break NextSchedule?

We are a NetSuite Software Development Network or SDN Partner, which means we are required to test our software with every new release of NetSuite to ensure that there are no issues before the release rolls out to customers. NetSuite also audits our software application on an annual basis in order for us to maintain our SDN status.

Can we track asset maintenance with NextSchedule?

NextSchedule includes robust asset management capabilities.  Assets are stored in NetSuite and can be managed in the field using our optional mobile app.  NextSchedule also includes the ability to implement parent/child asset relationships as required.

Can NextSchedule be used on mobile devices?

NextSchedule’s powerful drag and drop scheduling board is optimized for use on desktop computers, and is ideal for small field service operations or for businesses doing internal or depot servicing. However, its features can be enhanced with optional Essentials Mobile licences, which gives mobile users the ability to complete forms, tasks, record time, submit expenses and capture signatures from the field using NextSchedule.

How do you capture signatures with NextSchedule?

If required, signatures can be captured using the optional mobile app via our Mobile Essentials licences, which can be purchased separately. The mobile application allows users to complete forms, tasks, record time, submit expenses and capture signatures from the field using NextSchedule.

How long does it take to implement NextSchedule?

Our typical deployments for NextSchedule take around 50 hours and involve initial bundling of our software, configuration and then a series of proof of concepts. This is followed by revisions as required to ensure that the solution meets your business requirements, and after everyone is satisfied, we provide training, and then proceed with go-live.

Do you offer local support?

NextSchedule has dedicated support teams in both the United States and Australia. We offer a variety of support plans that are designed to meet the unique needs of our customers – regardless of their geographic location. Please contact us to discuss your support requirements.

How much does NextSchedule cost?

NextSchedule pricing depends on your business size, the number of people who need access to the platform, and the add-ons that you choose.  Please contact us for more information.

Who do I contact for more information?

Use our contact form, send us an email at , or give us a call on 1-844-631-9110 (North America) or 61-1300-60-44-22 (Australia).  We’ll get right back to you and we look forward to discussing your scheduling software needs!

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NextService extends the functionality of NextSchedule and is ideal for field service businesses with at least 10 mobile field staff. It also has options for parts & inventory management, custom forms, quoting and more.

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